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ON DISPLAY - Spotlight On Nothing - NEW 5-Song EP!!!

Image of ON DISPLAY - Spotlight On Nothing - NEW 5-Song EP!!!

$5.00 - On Sale

ON DISPLAY's NEW 5-Track EP, Spotlight On Nothing, highlights a fun, upbeat mix of Pop/Ska/Punk/Rock tunes that beckon you to Wake Up from the artificial airwaves of Modern Pop to experience the Explosive sound of a Fully-Orchestrated Rock band. Embellishing upon their sarcastic, jaded-with-life outlook, ON DISPLAY delivers a hyper-critical breakdown of their ongoing frustrations with life, love, and mediocrity, documenting a vain complacency with transcending past mistakes while relating a realistic outlook of their own ignorant adult youth in a world destined for destruction. The carefully-constructed lyrics really pop with an abundance of catchy choruses and crisp vocal harmonies backed by driving drum rhythms, dueling rock guitars, bouncing bass riffs, and a 4-piece blasting horn section that will remind you how awesomely powerful a full rock sound really is. Nothing is Something.